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Why Us

At ClinicVet, we understand the deep bond and love you share with your pet. In fact, we know they are more like a family member than just a pet. That’s because we’re not just veterinarians, but also pet parents just like you. We know firsthand what a joy is to share love with your pets, to surround them with care and be responsible for their health. Our personal experience with animals makes our care so unique.

Veterinary Clinic Services

Preventive care
We carry out a thorough examination from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. We carry out ultrasound diagnostics, vaccinations, preventive care against parasites.
Dental care
We provide dental examinations and treatments, including ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent future complications.
The health of your pet depends on you, it is very important to make the right choice of nutrition for him, we will advise how to do it.
Travelling documents
We will help your pet go on a journey, issue a veterinary passport, carry out chipping and everything that is necessary to travel outside the Republic.
We give recommendations on how to bathe and brush your pet, this is the best way to improve its appearance and well-being.
Our experienced team can determine the medical cause of your pet's unusual behavior.
The Veterinary Center ClinicVet is proud to offer surgical treatment using state-of-the-art equipment, from standard sterilization to complex highly specialized procedures.
Here you can find everything you need for your pet: medicines and care products, food and accessories.
If your pet has a serious illness or is recovering from surgery, he needs 24-hour supervision, regular procedures and qualified care.

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